Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cinequest 2013

This year, through my awesome buddy Matt Reed, I acquired a VIP pass to Cinequest 23 which is San Jose's film festival that ran from February 26 - March 10. The VIP pass gave Matt and I access to all of the films, events and parties/soirees.

Every year Cinequest gives out their Maverick Spirit Award, and this years honorees were Salman Rushdie, Chef Dominique Crenn and Han Solo himself Harrison Ford! I wasn't able to make the events but I did give my pass to my mother so she could go swoon over Indiana Jones for a couple hours.

In total I saw 10 films and 8 out of those 10 I really enjoyed, 1 I thought looked amazing but I wasn't too intrigued with the story and 1 that I absolutely was not a fan of. Sony held a screening of Taxi Driver in their new fancy 4k projectors and it was awesome to see it on the big screen. Over at the California Theater they had a silent cinema presentation of Buster Keaton's Cops (1922) and Harold Lloyd's Safety Last (1923). It was a good experience to see the silent movies how they were shown back in the 20's and there was a man dressed to the nines playing on a Wherlitzer Organ. I'll have a couple of reviews on here after I'm done writing this blog.

I ran into some interesting characters at the soirees, there was one guy who started a company to rival Netflix and his main seller was that he offered adult videos with his streaming service. There were these 2 guys who seemed always dressed in white suits and looked like they were having parties of their own, turned out they were the writer directors of the hilarious buddy comedy Mon Ami (check out the review soon). People were there to sell their movies which was cool and it was interesting to have the chance to talk to some of them, but whenever another film maker or important looking person walked by they seemed to turn around and ignore you.

In closing I really enjoyed my first real experience at a small film festival and I want to check out more soon. I just have to plan ahead and get more time off, or just finally make a freaking movie.

For more information on Cinequest, click here.

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