Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mon Ami

How far will you go for your best friend?

As I watched the midnight showing of this hilarious buddy horror/comedy at Cinequest 2013 all I could think about is, "Would I do this for any of my friends?" Mon Ami is the touching tale of two bff's Teddy and Cal, who are lifetime employees at Hal's Hardware Store... They're not too fond of their jobs, but when Hal, the store owner decides to retire and hand the store over to his sons instead of our heroes. Teddy and Cal devise a plan to kidnap Hal's daughter and try to ransom her out for money, too bad they're a couple of idiots and everything that could go wrong does!

This was a well acted comedy with great pacing and direction. To me this is like a mixture of Clerks,Shaun of the Dead, and Funny Games (somewhat).  The movie was pretty low budget ($10,000) but that didn't matter because it still looked great. It shows what you can create with a good script and a well rounded cast. This is another movie I would love to see again and bring friends to.

Check out the trailer here:

Check out the Mon Ami website



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