Thursday, March 14, 2013

Aftermath (2013) Review

I had to use this poster because it's so bad ass!

So Aftermath was the second movie I saw at Cinequest, but it was the first movie I saw there that I freaking loved.

Aftermath is a film that is written and directed by Thomas Farone and he brought a great crime thriller  that had a unique style to it. The film stars Anthony Michael Hall as the protagonist Tom Fiorini who runs a construction company in New York. Chris Penn (In his final role) plays an ex-con who works for Tom but is fired after a spat with Tom's foreman. When the foreman comes up missing Tom begins to overreact and tries to arm himself and hires Tony Danza to flex some muscles.

The movie is laid out into 4 chapters and has some great edits and cuts to have it set up like a comic book. Director Thomas Farone said in a Q&A after the movie that he edited the film like that to give it a sense of heightened reality since some of the scenes and characters are a little off and over the top.

The acting in Aftermath was pretty top notch and had great performances from Chris Penn, Anthony Michael Hall, Frank Whaley, Tony Danza and Leo Burmester who played the town Sheriff that did extra work on the side. This movie as a whole would put a smile on Tarantino and the Cohen Brothers faces.

No full release date is available yet, but I can't wait for a distribution company to pick this up for theatrical release or home release... when I find out this movie will be a day one buy for me so I can show all of my buddies. I give it a 5/5.

For more information and to see the trailer, check out their facebook page.


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