Monday, October 22, 2012

Welcome to my page!

Hello and Good Evening Interwebs!

My name is Justin Rogers and I go by the name Sweeet. I have had this nickname for about 15 years now since I was a lil fat freshman in High School. I have created a Blog page that could be a hub for a little side project I dubbed "SweeetTalks" this is going to be a project that I want to record podcasts with my friends who have various hobbies and tastes.

Some of my posts or PodCasts will be titled "Drinking with friends" and others will have titles of who ever is joining me on the "SweeetTalks" Podcast.

I have many different passions such as TV/Film making/development,  Creating and listening to various genres of music, Beer, an attempt of working out and getting into shape, Comic books and Art. I have friends who share these different passions and loves so I would like to get their point of views on why they are attracted to certain hobbies.

Also I find that my friends are pretty hilarious and a lot of our conversations/schemes/ideas should be recorded and with technology becoming cheaper to attain, why not try to capitalize on it? Most people will probably think we're crazy or have severe mental problems... but you know what? FUCK EM! hahaha

I hope who ever listens to the podcasts enjoy them as much as we will enjoy creating them...

Thanks for reading.


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